Dress to Impress: The Best Outfits for a Job Interview

You recently got a call for an interview in your dream job. Congratulations! Now, it’s the time to get ready. Dressing the part is just as important as writing your resume. You need to make the first impression last and stand out from the rest. Follow along as we spill some fashionable tips and tricks for your important day.


Before the interview, researching the dress code and the culture of the company will help you in finding an appropriate outfit for the big day. Whether it’s a corporate setting or a creative startup, you need to look polished from head to toe. Most importantly, be confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Let’s get dressed!

Dress Code: Smart Casual

When in doubt, it’s almost always business casual when it comes to job interviews. Most simply put, this dress code means business clothing without a mandatory tie or jacket.


For men, wear a collared shirt and dress pants, and complete your look with matching belt and formal shoes.

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Bonus outfit: Creative Casual

When there is room for creativity, you can play around with your interview ensemble. However, it should still send the same message: casual, crisp, and clean. Pair your collared dress shirt with dark denim and complete the look with a strong watch. Show your personality with a pair of dressy sneakers.

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For ladies, you want to channel a professional and confident persona with this outfit. Wear a tailored dress that is kept minimum at knee length, and pair it with your favourite heels, flats or loafers. Comfort is king here, if you are wearing high heels, make sure it’s a pair you can walk comfortably in. Finish up the look with an elegant pendant.

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Bonus outfit: Creative Casual

Heading to an interview with a design firm? You might want to impress with the interviewer with your ensemble. The goal is to look creative but maintaining the professional silhouette at the same time. Stick to the rules of keeping cleavage to a minimum and skirt length at the knee. Add a statement into your look with interesting details such as minimal pattern, unique cut or embellished details.

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Dress Code: Business / Formal 

For both men and ladies, your outfit should look as tailored as possible—it should look like it is cut especially for you.


For men, keep it professional and clean with a full suit and a pair of oxfords. Add an interesting tie to add a subtle dimension to your look.

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For ladies, stick to the rule of trousers/skirt and jacket and complete the look with a sleek top. Monochrome combination is always safe for your jacket and bottom. Complete your outfit with a pair of pointed heels to make a powerful statement.

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When it comes down to it, be confident! You are halfway there. Stick to comfort and great fit and you will be feeling good throughout your interview.

Last but not least, check out these extra tips to rock your interview:

    • Fake it till you make it: dress like you’ve been in the industry longer than you have!
    • Stick to safe, neutral colours such as navy blue, grey, or black. You want your personality to shine through using these colours. 
    • Don’t forget to bring these essentials to your interview:
      • Resume
      • Certificates/portfolio
      • Notebook
      • Research notes
      • Water, little snack and mint

 Good luck!