Brand Story



Each Picard accessory carries great memories for every generation. 93 years in the making, we take pride in our craftsmanship and we are dedicated to providing you high-quality leather goods you can cherish everyday.

How it all began...

In 1928 Martin Picard, a craftsman specializing in quality bags, established with his sons, Edmund and Alois, the Picard Company in Obertshausen. The sample collection which travelled with Edmund Picard during the first years to Offenbach was transported in the front and back carriers of his bike.

In 1935 the Picard brothers began to mass-produce the bags. The thinking behind this was to produce consistently high-quality goods at reasonable prices. Boxcalf, cow and morocco leather bags were produced by more than 100 workers. What Henry Ford had achieved in the US motor industry, Picard was doing in the quality bag market in Europe – producing top-class products that anyone could afford.

This is still the case today. Each Picard bag carries great memories for every generation. 93 years in the making, the German high-quality leather goods expert is still turning heads with inspiring new trends for all seasons and occasions.



Working mainly with natural materials and approaching design through quality and durability, sustainability is something we have practiced since the beginning and will continue to be better at.


Passing on the traditional craft from generation to generation is the foundation of PICARD. That is why the training of the next generation is part of our brand DNA to this day.


From the very beginning, PICARD has supported the development of disadvantaged regions on site and attaches great importance to fairness towards all parties involved.



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